F.A.F (Field Athletics Fest)

From the organisers of the May Mile™ comes Field Athletics Fest (F.A.F. Giving it a Go!™) for children aged 7-14

If you've ever wondered how far you can throw, how long you can jump or how fast you can sprint... this is your chance!

From the organisation behind the May Mile™ comes the first ever Field Athletics Fest (F.A.F.) for children from aged 7-14.

To be held on Sunday 9 July, on the Sports Field at Sheldon School, F.A.F will engage OVER 100 children in throwing the Vortex, Long Jumping into a proper sand pit and Sprinting either 75m or 100m depending on age.

Anyone from 7 to 14 years old will have the opportunity to gain a F.A.F ranking which will help you keep a record of how good you are. You will receive a special wrist band for coming along, a medal for being a superstar and a trophy if you top your age-group but best of all, you will walk away with an immense sense of achievement from attempting all three events!

Why F.A.F.?

There is no opportunity for a child to do athletics outside of school without being affiliated to a club. For some children and their families, the joining up to a club can be too much of a commitment both with time and money.

The Field Athletics Fest will encourage all children from a local region to come and try a new discipline or better themselves in an already established event. Either way, there is no level of experience required. No one will ask for club details. Most people have a skill in throwing, jumping or running and F.A.F. is the place to try them out.

What’s the point?

Children who have been to a beach are already budding athletes! They may have thrown Frisbees, howlers or even stones. They may well have made make-shift standing long jump pits and I’m certain anyone who’s been to a beach will have sprinted into the waves! F.A.F. will be the ultimate way to put those skills in an athletics context to give confidence to compete at school or in a club.

F.A.F. will create a mini league of individuals who compete on the event morning. They can come back next summer and compete again. Maybe even find they have improved their school rankings as well.

What does it look like?

It looks like somewhere you want to be to try a new sport: accessible, unintimidating and well-organised. It looks dressed with banners, flags and colour. By the nature of the sports, it will be spread out to be safe with loads of Hi-Viz-Clad Marshalls around.

What does it feel like?

It will feel amazing no matter what the weather! It’s about being fun and relaxed while making sure each important element is executed efficiently e.g. timing, measuring and recording. There will be Marshalls of all ages to help and a qualified instructor at each station if you want to learn more.