You Must:

  • Be aged 7-14
  • Have a parent/carer over 18 to sign your registration form
  • Pin a number with coloured sticker for your age-group on your front
  • Practice properly and politely
  • Finish all stations by 12 noon
  • Respect the ethos of F.A.F, its fellow athletes and marshalls at all times


  • Check-in to the station manager AT EACH STATION just BEFORE you compete
  • Understand and Listen to the briefing for your health and safety while waiting in each holding area
  • Compete under the rules issued for each station
  • Compete at all three stations to achieve a F.A.F. Ranking (you can just come and compete at one but in order to get a ranking, you must do all three)

What to Expect On the Day:

  • Find the Registration and Event HQ Tent
  • Register your details together with a signature of a parent/carer over 18 to authorise the registration
  • Receive your number and coloured sticker to show which age-group you will be ranked in
  • Practice Properly and Politely!
  • Choose which station you’d like to Give a Go!
  • Check-in with the Station Manager - give your name, number and age-group
  • Wait in the holding area to listen to the station briefing
  • Respect the Line Managers who let you know when it’s your turn
  • Go for your life!

Three consecutive results are recorded for:

Vortex: Markers are placed at each throw. The furthest will be recorded

Jump: Markers are placed at the end of each jump. The longest will be recorded

Sprint: 75m for U11s and 100m for U13s and over. A time will be taken for each sprint. No place will be recorded. Your fastest individual time will be recorded.

Leave the event feeling like a superstar via the Event HQ Tent to receive your unique F.A.F. Snap wrist band and medal.

Your F.A.F. Ranking is calculated by converting your best results of the day into points. Those points are then put into order according to your age-group on the day and Da NAH! You have your F.A.F. Ranking!